In this guide, we - the 2FIGHT team - want to help you choose the best product for all your needs and how to take care of your armor!


            The 2FIGHT meets the needs of many modalities, respecting all the national and international specifications of federations and confederations.

            First of all, we must know the modality you practice so we can move to the next step...

            Always ask a teacher or a more experienced friend, they might help you choose the best uniform for you. Our sportswear line was rigorously tested by professionals and amateurs and, after countless tests, we can now provide a more lightweight uniform, more resistant and with a minimum fabric shrinkage percentage compared to our best competitor in the market.


If you're a beginner, you will need a kimono and a white belt. Check our kimonos on our online store and choose the right size following the measurement table below:


To practice Karate, you will need a dogui and a belt. We have doguis in different fabrics; from a more lightweight with smaller price to the highest quality of our limited edition.


Our kickboxing/muay thay line is complete: we have t-shirts, shorts, gloves and protective gear. For beginners, we suggest a combination of t-shirt, shorts, glove, mouth protector and shin protector.